Our Cheshire based team of industrial electricians are committed to achieving the highest level of customer service to our customers across the UK. Whatever electrical job you need doing at your facilities, our team are on hand to help you out. From simple jobs to more complex tasks which require expert knowledge, you can rely on our professional and highly trained electricians to get the job done.

In any industry, electrical safety is of paramount importance, which is why we have policies and management structures in place to ensure we are working to the most recent building regulations and health and safety regulations.

When our electricians come out to your facility, you’ll easily be able to recognise them by their ID badges and KDE uniforms. All of our electricians, based in Cheshire, have been policed vetted and hold the latest DBS Check (formerly a CRB check) so you know you can always trust a KDE electrician.

Industrial Electricians in the UK

From installations works to PAT testing to emergency lighting, our Cheshire based industrial electricians can do it all. What’s more, we’re also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can rely on our industrial electricians to help when the lights go out, a fuse blows or you need the power turned off at the mains during a flood.

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Installation Works

We design and install all types of electrical works including High Voltage, Low Voltage, Generation, Cable Containment, Lighting, Small Power, IT and Data Cable Installations.

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Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to electrical installations and we pride ourselves on offering Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) to give you peace of mind that all jobs are completely safe.

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Test and Inspection

Explosive atmospheres are those locations in which gases, vapours or combustible dusts are able to form a flammable mixture with air, which could be ignited in the presence of an ignition source either mechanical or electrical.

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PAT Testing

Poorly maintained electrical equipment can cause electric shocks, as well as fires and explosions, so there are strict regulations in place to protect workers and the public against the risk of injury.

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Static Earthing Systems

Static electricity is a serious potential hazard for operations taking place in flammable, combustible or potentially explosive atmospheres.

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LED Lighting

LED lighting has revolutionised the electrical industry by reducing the cost of running your business, minimising your impact on the environment and lighting your premises more efficiently.

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Emergency Lighting

All high-occupancy and commercial buildings are required to have emergency lighting systems installed as standard. These lights are designed to operate when the normal lighting system fails, as in the case of a fire, to ensure occupants can leave the building quickly.

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