Installing a new electric heater is a simple job for a qualified electrician who can ensure the work is completed in line with the relevant safety and building regulations.

Electric heaters are usually priced between £250 and £500, and lots of people choose to run them at off-peak times to take advantage of economy 7 pricing tariff, which is cheaper during the night.

Our experienced electrical engineers will be able to advise you on the best model for your home and identify the features that will deliver the best efficiency and heat for your lifestyle.

Identifying issues with electric heaters

Older electric heaters or storage heaters tend to go wrong in one or two ways, either the thermostat will become faulty or the element will be broken.

Sometimes there will be a fault with the power switch or the circuit breaker, but our experienced local electricians in Cheshire will be able to identify any issues before ordering and replacing the parts for repair.

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