A Gas Landlord Safety Certificate (GLSC) is required for rented properties where any type of gas appliance is installed. As a landlord, you are also required to have all appliances tested by a Gas Safe registered engineer, as per the Gas Safety Regulations 1998.


Once your inspections have been carried out, a Gas Landlord Safety Certificate (GLSC) will be issued. A copy is sent to you as the landlord, as well as on to your tenants. It is your responsibility to maintain the gas appliances and you should keep records of any repairs or work done.

Gas appliances and their connection to the gas supply can be potentially hazardous if not adequately maintained. The most obvious risk is of fire or explosion, but also the hazard of lethal carbon monoxide.

When you call out a KDE gas engineer in Cheshire, they will routinely disconnect any appliance that is believed to be unsafe. These can include cut-off valves, meters, water heaters, fires, flues or portable LPG units.

Carbon monoxide kills an average of 28 people per year and many more will suffer mild to chronic symptoms as a result of inhalation. An annual boiler service by one of our technicians in Cheshire can highlight faults within your boiler that could be causing carbon monoxide leak or other issues in your home.

Leave it to us at KDE to inspect, test and maintain your gas appliances and installations. We will ensure everything is checked by a registered gas safe engineer and the required safety certificates are issued. By issuing a GLSC we provide peace of mind to you and your tenants that the gas appliances in your properties are well maintained and safe to use.

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