One of the first decisions our professional heating engineers in Cheshire will help you make is whether to have a gas, electricity or oil-fired central heating system installed in your home.

Each heating solution has its own benefits, but with regard to your central heating installation, gas systems are by far the cheapest to run, as your gas tariff costs the same at all times of the day and night, unlike electrical and oil-based heating systems.

A central heating installation includes the planning and purchasing of the system, alongside the identification of the best boiler for your home, and the position of the radiators for maximum efficiency in each room throughout. Our heating specialists will be able to offer you the best pracitcal knowledge to make an informed decision on your central heating system.

To ensure your central heating choices are as straightforward are possible, our team of accredited and experienced heating engineers in Cheshire can help you at every stage of the installation process, so you just have to make one simple phone call to get the project up and running.

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