Our experienced plumbers are equipped to carry out any general plumbing maintenance required in your home, from releasing air trapped in pipes, unblocking drains or repairing leaky pipes.

When you call KDE to request a plumbing job in Cheshire, you can be sure the plumber sent out is accredited in the industry, trustworthy and committed to delivering exceptional customer service.

Common general plumbing maintenance problems

Blocked drainpipes are a common problem and generally, our plumbing experts will remove the blockage and check the pipes for damage.

Leaky water pipes require immediate attention as a flood can cause serious damage to your home, ruining carpets and causing damp or rot to set into your floorboards. And if wastewater comes into contact with electrical wires or appliances, it can be fatal for anyone who steps in an electrified puddle or onto a wet carpet.

Both of these situations call for professional support and one phone call to KDE Limited will ensure one of our experienced local plumbers in Cheshire is instructed straight away.

Sometimes a general plumbing job may require an electrician or heating engineer as well, so we’ll make sure the right tradespeople are despatched at the right time to carry out work efficiently.

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