Underfloor heating can be an economical and efficient way to heat your home, and sometimes it is the ideal supplement to your existing central heating system to take the chill off tiled or wooden flooring.

The heat from an underfloor heating system is emitted in a gentle, pleasant way that is more energy efficient and heats a room more evenly than any other type of heating solution on the market.

Should I invest in underfloor heating?

Generally, underfloor heating is best installed beneath solid floor surfaces and should be laid at the same time as a new floor covering to avoid damage and inconvenience.

Your local heating engineer from KDE will be able to advise you on whether your existing boiler has the capacity to feed the system, or whether your home is even suitable for the project.

The most efficient way to manage your underfloor heating is to have it installed beneath a solid floor and switch your fuel tariff to an economy 7 plan. This means the flooring can warm up throughout the night and release the heat into your home throughout the day for a constant temperature that’s topped up every evening.

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