Modern workplaces have resulted in more pressure than ever before being put on your fuse boxes and consumer units. Due to this, it is important to replace dated equipment and make sure what you do have installed falls in line with the latest regulations.

The fusebox in your premises houses all of the circuits and prevents them from short-circuiting, which helps to avoid electrical fires and injuries from electric shocks. Alongside this, a consumer unit works to detect any faults in your systems’ wiring and disconnects the electricity before heat can build up.

Coupling knowledge and experience together, our team of electricians in Cheshire can inspect your wiring and appliances, allowing them to assess whether or not your unit requires an upgrade.

If an upgrade of your unit is needed, we can supply and install a modern, 17th edition consumer unit, which will ensure your commercial property and staff are safe from the hazards that old wiring and out-dated fuse boxes can possess.

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