No matter which industry sector you work in, a fire in the workplace is a serious and very real risk. Fire detection systems are a vital protection device, designed to alert staff and the emergency services to the current or imminent threat of a fire in the workplace.

Having a bespoke, comprehensive fire detection system in place, that has been installed and maintained by professionals, not only protects your business’s physical assets; it can save lives. By its very nature, an effective fire detection system is designed to alert occupants of a building to the imminent threat of a fire, giving you time to evacuate the premises quickly and safely and take preventative steps such as alerting the necessary emergency services.

There are two main types of fire alarm systems for the commercial sector: manual (which are usually fitted in older buildings and requires manual activation if and when someone spots a fire) and automatic, which are specifically programmed to automatically detect key elements that usually indicates a fire, including smoke, excessive heat or open flames.

Whilst there are advantages to both systems, many fire professionals are strong advocates of an automatic fire alarm system, which does not require human activation, and should fully comply with the EN54 standard (the international mandatory standard for electrical and fire safety in all EU countries). It’s of the utmost importance that fire safety equipment meets the highest quality standard, is installed correctly and is capable of operating as expected in the event of the threat of a fire.

Fire detection systems should form the fundamental basis of your business’s fire safety strategy, but they shouldn’t be used in isolation—a fully compliant business should also have fire extinguishers within easy access, provide staff with necessary fire training, and conduct regular fire drills to assess your emergency evacuation procedure.

How KDE can help

Fire and security is one of KDE’s many areas of expertise – our team of friendly and experienced engineers are fully trained and qualified to test, install and maintain a wide variety of fire systems in line with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our fire detection solutions are meticulously planned with the needs of your business in mind – whether you own a small office or a huge hotel, we can find a bespoke fire detection solution tailored to suit you.

Our team are experts in assessing a business’s specific fire detection requirements. Aspects like the size, type, and placement of fire alarm systems required are dependent on each individual business, which is why we meticulously assess your premises in Cheshire (taking into account key factors like the age, layout, and structure of the building) to find the best and most efficient alarm system placement for optimum safety. Not only that, we can recommend the most effective system that will best serve your specific needs, and can even train your staff to recognise the key warning signs of an imminent fire threat.

Once installed, we would advise you to check your fire alarm systems on a weekly basis, and schedule a full service anywhere from 1 to 4 times a year depending on the complexity of your system. As part of our exceptional service, KDE will conduct regular follow-up communications with you to see how your new alarm system is operating and schedule any due testing and maintenance that may be required.

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Access Control

Access control systems manage the entry to a building, network, machine or any other facility that requires restricted availability to authorised people only.

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Fire Extinguishers

If a fire started in your premises, would your employees have the correct fire extinguisher to put the fire out safely? The potential for a small blaze to cause a huge amount of damage can not be underestimated, you must have the correct fire safety measures in place.

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Fire Alarm Servicing

A fire detection system is installed to protect your building and everyone inside it, so it’s imperative that regular fire alarm servicing is carried out.

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Intruder Alarm Maintenance

It is important to schedule regular intruder alarm maintenance to ensure the system is working correctly should the worst happen.

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Fire Alarm Installation

Modern fire alarm systems are designed to quickly detect the presence of a fire or smoke and alert the occupants of the building in the event of a fire. In many cases, the system is also set up to alert the emergency services or building owner about the incident.

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