The KDE Ltd team have recently finished an LED Upgrade to the Duni Offices in Preston Brook, Cheshire.

The upgrade included over 170 new LED light fittings complete with emergency lighting modules incorporated within the fittings where required, with the existing wiring checked for suitability and adequacy of circuit protection. The project took six days to complete and both Duni and ourselves are made up with the work.

Debra Kennils, HR Manager at Duni said: ‘We are extremely pleased with the new LED lights, KDE Ltd made it very easy for us to make the conversion to LED Lighting. It has meant for a nicer working environment for our employees and we are enjoying the savings incurred each month on our electricity costs. The KDE team worked extremely efficiently with minimum disruption and kept our offices tidy throughout the work. Thanks again for the professional and competent management of the project. We are happy to recommend KDE Ltd to any business who is looking to upgrade their lighting.’

As always, we endeavour to put our clients at the heart of what we do and our main aim is to do the best possible job with minimal disruption.

Are you looking for an LED upgrade to your home or office? As Debra has mentioned, benefits include a nicer lighting environment plus the bonus of monthly financial savings. We’d be more than happy to get your project started as soon as you wish, give us a call on 01928 711444 so we can arrange to send our experienced management team out to assess your building.

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