After the scorching Summer, it seems like we have skipped Autumn altogether and headed straight into winter!

With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to make sure your central heating system is fully functional for the cold months ahead!

Get a Central Heating Service As Soon As Possible!

We always recommend having your central heating serviced in the summer as it tends to be when your energy bills are at their lowest. However, if you didn’t get round to organising yours this summer, fear not, our heating engineers are on hand to come out to you and thoroughly test your system, making sure your heating is ready for the winter chill.

Radiator Sludge is No Joke!

One of the most common problems we find at this time of year is that radiators aren’t heating up properly, if at all. This is usually caused by a build-up of radiator debris, or ‘sludge’.

As your radiators will have been off for the past 6-9 months, the colder season could be the first time you experience this problem of cold spots or lack of heating in your home. The sludge essentially interrupts the flow of water around your radiator which causes heating malfunctions, including cold spots.

In extreme cases, this sludge can be transported around your system and end up in your boiler, which can lead to very expensive repairs to the boiler, pumps and valves – not something you want right before Christmas!

Get Your Heating System Sorted for Winter

The best way to combat sludge in your radiators this winter is to get in contact with one of our local heating engineers who can diagnose the problem and rectify it for you as quickly as possible.

Our engineers will Powerflush your system, allowing your heating to function properly, and include an inhibitor to prevent future build ups occurring in your home.

So, if your central heating needs a service, get in contact with us today!

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